Hospital Sedation for Pediatric Dentistry Procedures

What You Need to Know About Hospital Sedation

In some cases, pediatric patients will need to undergo sedation in a hospital in order to receive necessary dental treatments. The team at Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry may recommend this approach if your child has other underlying health issues or if they need a complex treatment that may involve performing several procedures at once. Hospital sedation allows us to easily execute each procedure, while also protecting the health, safety, and comfort of pediatric patients.

At Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry, we understand that dental procedures can be especially stressful on children. The more uncomfortable they are, the harder it is to quickly and effectively perform a procedure. With sedation dentistry, we can keep patients calm and relaxed throughout the entire process. Not only will this improve their oral health in the short-term, but it will make them more likely to continue to maintain their oral health in the future.

About Hospital Sedation

With hospital sedation, the child will be treated in a hospital setting by one of our qualified dentists who has received specialized anesthesia training. The child will be completely asleep and unconscious so they don’t experience any pain or anxiety during the procedure.

During the procedure, all vital signs will be constantly monitored for maximum safety. Once the treatment has been completed, the child will slowly wake up and return to consciousness. Depending on the treatment, they may need additional aftercare and a number of follow-up visits to ensure everything is healing nicely.

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If your child needs extensive dental care, hospital sedation can help ease the process and take some of the stress out of dental treatments. To learn more about this option, contact Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry today. We can answer all your questions and help you schedule an appointment so we can assess your needs and recommend the right treatments.

Pediatric Preventive Dentistry

At Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry, we use education and preventive treatments to help children enjoy better oral health and avoid problems as they grow and mature.


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