Feel confident during your first appointment with your new dentist.

Visiting a new dentist can be exciting, especially after you’ve spent time scouring reviews and comparing dental offices to find the perfect one for you and your family. At the same time, it’s also normal to feel a little nervous as a new patient. You’re not quite sure what to expect during that first appointment.

Whether you’re feeling a little anxious or you simply want to be as prepared as possible, here are answers to some of the questions you might have about your first visit to Brocks Gap Dental Group.

1. What will happen during my first visit as a new patient?

Unless you’re experiencing a dental emergency, your first appointment with us will be easy as pie!

You’ll be welcomed into our office and given a few forms to fill out. Once you’re checked in, one of our dental assistants will take you back to an exam room and go over your dental and medical history. You’ll also have some X-rays and digital images taken of your mouth.

You’ll then meet your new dentist and have a chat about your oral health. Your dentist will review your history, take a look at your X-rays, and discuss what issues you may have. From there, your dentist will put together a treatment plan, and you’ll be able to book your next appointment.

2. What information do I need to bring for new patient forms?

The basics for what to bring include your insurance cards, a list of any current medications you’re taking (including herbal and vitamin supplements), and any notes about your medical and dental history.

You can also contact your previous dental care provider and ask for your dental records to be transferred to our office. This can be really helpful if you switched to our office in the middle of active dental treatment.

3. Will I get my teeth cleaned on the first visit?

Typically, we do not include a cleaning service during your first appointment with us. Your first dental appointment focuses on a thorough examination so we can determine what your dental care needs and concerns. Certain dental issues, such as untreated tooth decay, should be treated before getting a professional cleaning. Similarly, if we find you have early signs of gum disease, we’ll tailor your cleaning with periodontal therapy in mind.

Once your initial exam is complete, we can book your first cleaning with us as soon as one of our hygienists is available.

4. What is a comprehensive treatment plan?

Our primary focus for every patient is to help them fix active oral health issues, prevent future oral health issues, and help them get their best smile possible. A comprehensive treatment plan covers all of these bases rather than treating each problem on an individual basis. We will also factor specialty care, such as orthodontics, into your comprehensive treatment plan.

5. Will you take X-rays?

Unless you’ve had X-rays taken within the last six months or so, we will want to take some new images during your new patient appointment. Although we can tell a lot about your oral health with a visual examination, seeing what’s going on under your gums and within your tooth structure is crucial. If we spot a possible issue while taking your X-rays, we will often take a few extra so we can have a clear picture of your oral health.

6. Will I have a chance to talk to the dentist?

Speaking directly with your new dentist and asking a few questions can be really reassuring, especially if you have dental anxiety. If you’d like to speak with your new dentist, please call our office and leave a message for them with one of our staff. Although our dentists are often busy caring for their patients during business hours, they will do their best to call you back as soon as they have some downtime.

7. Will I receive a quote for any recommended treatment?

Nobody likes unexpected costs sprung on them, especially when it comes to medical and dental treatment. We provide our patients with a detailed quote/estimate for all dental treatment services. We find this is especially important for more in-depth services requiring multiple appointments, such as a root canal, crowns, or veneers.

8. How do I know what my insurance will cover?

The best way to learn about your dental insurance coverage is to call your provider directly. You can often find a printable handbook on your insurance provider’s website that outlines what’s covered.

We can also double-check your dental insurance coverage, though you may be able to find your answer faster than it takes for us to get in touch with the company!

9. What do I do if I don’t have dental insurance?

If you currently don’t have dental insurance, we encourage you to still call our office to learn about your options. Our goal is to make your dental care as affordable and accessible as we can, so please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

We gladly accept CareCredit, which is a popular way both our uninsured and insured patients cover their dental treatment costs.

10. Will you remind me of my appointment?

Missing a dental appointment is certainly something we don’t want to happen to our patients. Depending on what form of communication you prefer, we can send appointment reminders via email or text, in addition to a courtesy phone call. We can also provide you with a written appointment card you can stick to your fridge or keep in your wallet.

The team at Brocks Gap Dental Group can’t wait to meet you!

Now that you’re prepared for your first visit with Brocks Gap Dental Group, it’s time to set up your new patient appointment.

To book a visit with one of our dentists, you can either give our office a call directly or fill out our handy online Appointment Request form. If you’re not quite ready for an appointment but you have more questions on your mind, our team is ready with the answers!